Peak Communicators
January 14, 2020

Tien Sher

Client Objective

Prior to the demolition of the derelict buildings that remained on the site of Whalley’s Flamingo block, developer Tien Sher wanted to celebrate the next phase of redevelopment. The plan was to hold a neighborhood farewell party, raising widespread brand awareness of the three towers coming to the site and encourage area residents and potential buyers to attend.

The Campaign

In the Tien Sher brainstorm session, Peak suggested a barbeque ‘Flamingo Farewell’ block party where area residents, politicians and key stakeholders would gather, share memories and Mayor Doug McCallum would do a ceremonial first claw of demolition. Media would be on hand to circulate the story widely.

Key Results

Over 500 people attended the celebration. The speeches were emotional. Peak’s event producer Ross Sullivan envisioned a ‘big bang’ and fireworks to accentuate the demolition moment. The resulting ceremonial hit caught everyone by surprise and was a highlight of every evening newscast. Extensive media coverage was secured throughout Metro Vancouver and B.C. Key media outlets included; Global BC, CTV, CBC, CITY-TV, OMNI-TV, CBC Radio, News1130

December 6, 2019

Squamish Nation

On August 30, 2018 at 6:00 a.m. the Federal Court of Appeal handed down a landmark ruling on a challenge of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (TMX) by the Squamish Nation and other First Nations and environmental groups.

The court ruled there had not been adequate consultation by the federal government, a significant win for First Nations.

Client Objective

No matter which way the decision went, Squamish Nation leaders wanted maximum positive news coverage. Peak Communicators worked closely with the Squamish Nation to make its position understood within its own membership and across the country.

The Campaign

Calling on Peak’s extensive media experience we knew that all media would want instant reaction, even before the decision was fully understood.  Media is a competitive business and if Squamish Nation leaders granted one outlet the first interview, all other outlets would be angered by what they would see as favouritism. That would taint media coverage on all the other outlets, turning a positive story into a negative one.  We advised against any interviews until after the 9:30 a.m. news conference.

  • Working with Squamish Nation leaders and the legal team, Peak prepared two short holding statements in the days leading up to the decision: one based on a positive outcome and the second a negative outcome. The purpose of these statements was to have the Squamish Nation reaction to the decision included in the news cycle until we held the news conference.
  • The positive statement was edited and distributed across the country, directly to the desks of news decision-makers and instantly began appearing in news coverage before 8:00.
  • The strategy ensured the Squamish Nation was heard, with all media feeling they had been dealt with fairly.
  • Peak began preparing the news conference site before 6:00 in the morning. A large turnout was expected.  Approximately 50 media members attended, representing all major news networks in Canada and local news outlets.  The three major TV networks, CBC, CTV and Global all carried the news conference live.

After the event, Peak spent the next several hours coordinating additional radio, newspaper and television interviews for Squamish Nation spokesperson and Councillor Khelsilem.

Key Results

  • Squamish Nation appeared in over 120 positive news stories
  • At least 40 different newspaper articles including the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, National Post and Vancouver Sun
  • 58 TV hits with coverage on all major newscasts across Canada including CBC’s The National – the messaging was clear: First Nations needed to be respectfully and properly consulted by government; a meaningful and deep two-way dialogue is required
  • TV interviews with Khelsilem on BNN Bloomberg and CBC’s Power and Politics and radio talk show interviews on various CBC shows
  • Over 20 pieces of coverage online


November 12, 2019

Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival

Client objective

After an outstanding media success on Vancouver’s 30th anniversary of the dragon boat festival in 2018, how would Peak attract another 90 media hits, in addition to the 28 event listings a year later? The goal was to attract the same or more media coverage, in advance of and during the festival.

The Campaign

Peak went out and pitched the same media for stories, interviews and calendar event listings. We crafted creative profiles and backgrounders. In early June, three weeks before the festival, Peak held a news conference to preview the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival and unveil a new light-weight dragon boat that was in development. We also gave media the opportunity to get into the newly built boat and race against the older models.

The Results

In 2019, Peak drove an astounding 68 per cent more media coverage than in 2018. This is one of Vancouver’s biggest annual festivals and fun events, so it is worthy of repeat coverage. The morning news conference with real news received a significant amount of media coverage in the lead-up to the festival itself. That was a differentiator. Peak also harnessed established media relationships to ensure success in 2019.


June 28, 2019


Client objective

Vancouver-based PeaceGeeks is a non-profit organization that builds digital tools to empower communities in the pursuit of peace. In 2019, PeaceGeeks launched Arrival Advisor, a free mobile app that helps refugees and immigrants in British Columbia find information and services to plan their settlement journey.

Arrival Advisor was built in partnership with the LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact and the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Jobs, Trade, and Technology. PeaceGeeks was also awarded a $750,000 grant for the app through the Impact Challenge Canada 2017.

Peak was engaged in 2019 to help PeaceGeeks raise awareness as a non-profit organization and roll out the launch of their new app.


  • Peak worked with PeaceGeeks to execute a traditional media relations campaign that targeted key markets across British Columbia in print, radio, TV and online media.
  • Peak developed media materials including a news release and fact sheet to inform the target market about the app. Peak identified immigration population data for various communities to find a local angle and target pitches and achieve widespread coverage.
  • Peak media-trained for Arrival Advisor spokespeople and provided key messages to ensure their messaging was effective in interviews.

Key Results

  • More than 2.5 million impressions in traditional print, online and social media outlets
  • 98 pieces of online coverage in over 70 communities across B.C.’s Interior, Lower Mainland and Northern regions
  • 22 TV hits with coverage in major markets across the province (including Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna and Prince George) and across the country (Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Edmonton)
  • Seven informative radio interviews with PeaceGeeks representatives helped to spread key messages across the province

March 15, 2016


Navitas is a leading global education provider that offers an extensive range of educational services through three major Divisions to students and professionals including university programs, creative media education, professional education, English language training and settlement services.The objective of this public relations campaign was to strengthen the reputation of its two Canadian Colleges by earning positive media coverage.

the goals

  • Educate existing and potential Navitas partners on the company’s mission and operations in Canada and, in turn, create wider community acceptance.
  • Position Navitas and its Canadian colleges as caring education providers that help international students achieve social and academic success.
  • Showcase the economic impact Navitas and its pathway programs have at a local, provincial, and national level.
  • Highlight student-success stories

the campaign

Peak worked with Navitas for more than two years promoting Fraser International College in Burnaby, B.C. and the International College of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The media coverage focused attention on the college’s key messages, including:

  • Students studying at Navitas colleges achieve academic success
  • Navitas helps students integrate into their new communities
  • International students contribute to the Canadian/provincial economy

the key results

  • Peak generated 91 piece of media coverage and an estimated 18,849,483 impressions for both colleges between October 2013 and January 2015
  • Media coverage highlights included:

November 3, 2015

Kitsilano Showboat

Client Objective

To engage the Vancouver public with the Kitsilano Showboat, to tell its stories, and to encourage people to attend the shows.


Peak worked pro bono to help Kitsilano Showboat garner publicity relating to their 80th anniversary season from June-August. To help achieve media results, Peak created targeted pitches for local media outlets, including a pitch about Canada Day.

Key Results

Media coverage resulted in over 1.8 million media impressions and included:

August 11, 2015

Great River Fishing Adventures

Since 1988 this Chilliwack-based fish charter company has provided expert guides and boats to people who want to fish BC locations such as the Fraser River, Pitt River, Lillooet River and/or the Columbia River. They provide a first class adventure and the opportunity for clients to try their hand at many styles of fishing: fly-fishing, single & double-handed spey fishing, steelhead fishing and sturgeon fishing.

Client objective

Great River Fishing Adventures (GRFA) wanted to publicize a record sturgeon catch. The goal was to highlight the unbelievable size of the prehistoric monster fish, the excitement of the catch would attract more business as a result. Great River Fishing wanted to express their underlying passion to see that the Great White Sturgeon population is preserved and maintained by the catch and release and tagging program.


Peak worked with Great River Fishing Adventures when an elderly British couple caught a 12 foot – 4 inch long Great White Sturgeon on the Fraser River in July 2012. Peak Communicators worked quickly to have media interview the visiting tourists aboard a Great River Fishing boat with hand-out visuals provided. With dozens of TV, radio and print stories that resulted, the story had International media coverage.

Every time a huge sturgeon is caught, Peak has turned on the publicity machine. It’s worked every time.

  • September 2012 – A Kamloops accounting firm doing a 30 person team-building
    •  Paul caught a 10 foot – 10 inch long sturgeon
  • June 2014 ­­– 19-year-old Paul Jarvis and his dad from Atlanta on their first fishing trip together
    • The firm owner caught an 11 foot – 8 inch sturgeon
  • June 2015 – A nine year old boy and his dad from Atlantic City, NJ dreamed of catching a big sturgeon
    • The 4 foot tall boy pulled in a 10 foot – 1 inch long sturgeon

Key Results

Over a four year period, Peak and GRFA’s marketing man have worked effortlessly together. We secured hundreds of online articles and traditional media hits. In the process their business has grown and they are industry leaders. They are acknowledged by Trip Advisor as the #1 boat tour and water sports company in Chilliwack and they’ve attracted fishing TV series from all over the world to do episodes and segments on their company.

July 30, 2015

The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation

Client Objective

The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation provides HIV care and support for people living with HIV who face additional health and social disparities. The Dr. Peter Centre day health program, enhanced supportive housing program and 24-hr specialized nursing care residence effectively engage people in HIV treatment. It is a model of care that is improving people’s health and inspiring healthcare providers around the world.

Between 2010 and 2013, Peak was engaged by Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation to increase awareness for the organization that would ultimately provide it with longer-term funding and support.


Peak leveraged key dates, milestones, personalities, case studies and fundraising events to secure quality media coverage for the non-profit.

This included World AIDS Day, XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C., and the 20th anniversary of Dr. Peter’s death.

Media coverage was achieved through a range of tactics including news releases, features, op-eds, media tours and by monitoring and responding to hot topics in the news. Peak also supported the Dr. Peter team on issues management when needed.

Key Results

Over a three year period, Peak secured well over 150 quality coverage hits in top tier media including CBC, CTV, The Globe & Mail, Vancouver Sun, The Province, Georgia Straight and Metro.

July 29, 2015

Tien Sher Balance Micro-Suites

Client Objective

Prior to the sale of Canada’s smallest condominiums—Balance micro-suites—developer, Tien Sher, wanted to raise wide-spread brand awareness and encourage potential buyers to attend the opening of the sales centre.

The Campaign

Tien Sher worked closely with the Peak team to boost print, online, TV and radio media attendance at the initial opening of the sales centre, by pitching the Balance micro-suites as “Canada’s smallest ever condos,” measuring 305 square feet or smaller.

The Results

The campaign saw many media outlets attend the sales centre opening, to shoot live footage and interview key spokespeople from Tien Sher. Extensive media coverage was secured throughout metro Vancouver and wider Canada, including print, online, television and radio media hits, with a total circulation rate of over 20,000,000. Key media outlets included; Global BC, The Province, Vancouver Sun, CTV, The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette.

July 29, 2015

The Nature Trust of British Columbia

Client objective

The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a non-profit land conservation organization that acquires and manages ecologically significant land in BC.

Peak has worked alongside The Nature Trust of British Columbia since 2013 to boost brand awareness, and promote the organization’s mandate to exclusively protect land in the province.


Peak created and executed a streamlined, cost-effective media relations campaign that generated widespread coverage across British Columbia, Washington state and Canada-wide.

The campaign platform, in line with the organization’s tag line, is “Conserving land in B.C. for future generations.”

Key results

Over an 18 month campaign, Peak has generated over 110 pieces of media coverage for the organization, including in The Vancouver Sun, The Huffington Post, Global BC, VanCity Buzz, CBC Kelowna, Global Okanagan, CTV Vancouver Island and much more.