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Meet The Team

Ross Sullivan

Career background

Television producer/director, publisher and writer. A founding partner of Peak in 2003


BA in Communications and MPub (Publishing)

Furthest flung place you’ve lived?

Terrace, B.C., while working in TV at the Tall Totem Network

Favourite part of Peak life

Ringing the bell to welcome a new client to our team, and recognizing our employee of the month with the Peak Communicators Award

Career highlight

In the early PR years, getting paid on a “pay-per-hit” basis. I had a $28,000 month with one client

PR role model and why

Jim Walsh, owner of Walsh PR in Dublin for close to 40 years. He’s a quiet, humble guy who is an effective leader and always in the bar for last call

Favourite BC pastime

Hockey. Playing and/or watching it


Rough French

Secret talent

Painting (on canvas)

Random fact

In college I heard I would probably work in seven different jobs within my career. I didn’t see it at the time, but it came to pass