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Klaudia Budniak
Account Executive

Sector experience

Arts and Culture, Non-profit organizations, Corporate

Career background

During university, I worked with multiple student associations on diverse cultural events. After that I was at the Alliance Française of Vancouver, where I worked in a communications and events coordination capacity.


BA in Languages and Literatures and MA in Multilingual Communication from the Université de Louvain, MA in General Management from the Louvain School of Management

Volunteer experience

I currently volunteer for the Canadian Public Relations Society, the Alliance Française and the YMCA on their major annual fundraising event

Favourite part of Peak life

The people and the company’s culture. No matter how stressful work might be, a touch of humour is always present!

If you were to write an autobiography, what would it be called?

The day I decided to move to the other side of the world

Career highlight

While working at the Alliance Française of Vancouver, I organized a conference about Simone de Beauvoir and the history of feminism in France. A few days before the event I received a call from CBC Radio-Canada asking if I would like to be interviewed. The next morning I was in their studio speaking about my conference for the ‘Boulevard du Pacifique’ show.

Favourite B.C. pastime

Rollerblading on the Seawall around Stanley Park


French, English, Polish, Spanish

Secret Talent

Singing terribly, I sing so badly that my friends once bought me a ‘dislike’ stamp

Furthest flung place you’ve lived? 

Brussels, Galway, Madrid, Warsaw, pick your favourite!

Random fact

When I was travelling through Ireland, I met a gentleman carrying a big boar (a stuffed animal, not a real one). Marc (the boar) had his own Facebook page with pictures from all the places he has visited. I ended up on his Facebook page as a ‘boar travel companion’