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Meet The Team

Alyn Edwards


Media training, media relations, issues and crisis communications, video production

Career background

Newspaper and TV reporter for 30 years, followed by 18 years in PR


Bachelor of Arts in English from York University

Volunteer experience

Director and Chair of the Communications Committee for the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast B.C.

If you wrote an autobiography, what would you call it?

I didn’t do it all but I sure tried

Furthest flung city you’ve lived in?


Favourite part of Peak life

The team attitude that delivers amazing results

Career highlights

Starting Peak with my two co-partners and winning the PR Daily Award for crisis management

PR role model and why

The late Tom Butler was a master of the PR stunt. He once organized a tourism promotion tour through California with a beaver from the Stanley Park Zoo. It created front-page headlines across the state, and I covered it for Global TV at the time

Favourite B.C. pastime

Restoring classic cars, and writing about them too

Favourite social media site

I keep in touch with friends and relations through Facebook

Secret talent

If people can make it, I can fix it!