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Leadership Lessons from an Olympic Medallist

To follow-on from last week’s blog post exploring leadership qualities and approaches in more detail, I wanted to share key Art of Leadership takeaways from five-time Olympic medalist, Hayley Wickenheiser. Hayley gave an inspiring and entertaining talk which had everyone in the audience captivated. In particular, it was a good reminder that great leaders can be found everywhere – not just in the corporate world.

Hayley’s tips included:

  • It’s important to differentiate between your role and yourself
  • Keep perspective in check – be present
  • Lead from the front – show your team the way
  • Lead from behind – step out of the way
  • Do the best job you can
  • Have the courage to step ahead of fear
  • Find the courage to stick to the plan
  • Celebrate the small successes as well as the big wins
  • Find unity in adversity
  • Enjoy the ride!

Although short and sweet, a lot of Hayley’s points came from her experience training with her team and then becoming the team captain. I think any of these tips can be applied to the corporate world and are just as valid as some of the more corporate-based suggestions that may delve deeper into strategy and relationships. Often, keeping things real and keeping things simple are what will really be effective and have a genuine impact on people.

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Posted On March 10, 2015

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