Peak Communicators
January 14, 2020

Tien Sher

Client Objective

Prior to the demolition of the derelict buildings that remained on the site of Whalley’s Flamingo block, developer Tien Sher wanted to celebrate the next phase of redevelopment. The plan was to hold a neighborhood farewell party, raising widespread brand awareness of the three towers coming to the site and encourage area residents and potential buyers to attend.

The Campaign

In the Tien Sher brainstorm session, Peak suggested a barbeque ‘Flamingo Farewell’ block party where area residents, politicians and key stakeholders would gather, share memories and Mayor Doug McCallum would do a ceremonial first claw of demolition. Media would be on hand to circulate the story widely.

Key Results

Over 500 people attended the celebration. The speeches were emotional. Peak’s event producer Ross Sullivan envisioned a ‘big bang’ and fireworks to accentuate the demolition moment. The resulting ceremonial hit caught everyone by surprise and was a highlight of every evening newscast. Extensive media coverage was secured throughout Metro Vancouver and B.C. Key media outlets included; Global BC, CTV, CBC, CITY-TV, OMNI-TV, CBC Radio, News1130

July 29, 2015

Tien Sher Balance Micro-Suites

Client Objective

Prior to the sale of Canada’s smallest condominiums—Balance micro-suites—developer, Tien Sher, wanted to raise wide-spread brand awareness and encourage potential buyers to attend the opening of the sales centre.

The Campaign

Tien Sher worked closely with the Peak team to boost print, online, TV and radio media attendance at the initial opening of the sales centre, by pitching the Balance micro-suites as “Canada’s smallest ever condos,” measuring 305 square feet or smaller.

The Results

The campaign saw many media outlets attend the sales centre opening, to shoot live footage and interview key spokespeople from Tien Sher. Extensive media coverage was secured throughout metro Vancouver and wider Canada, including print, online, television and radio media hits, with a total circulation rate of over 20,000,000. Key media outlets included; Global BC, The Province, Vancouver Sun, CTV, The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette.