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A simple guide to your social media plan

Identify your social media goals

Having a clear direction and end goal to your social media plan is the key to determining your strategy, and how you measure your return on investment (ROI). To set this up, you need to understand your company’s overall business goals, as well as marketing/PR objectives. Ideally, a social media plan plays a part in achieving the broader goals of your company’s overall business – whether it’s increasing ticket sales, online transactions on an e-commerce site, or breaking into a new market.

Create a content calendar

Keeping your social media accounts active with relevant and quality content is key to being noticed in densely populated platforms. More than 60 million businesses worldwide now have a Facebook page, and each and every one is aiming for more followers and to grow their audience or market. A social media content calendar is an easy way to ensure that your company is publishing new (and relevant) content on a regularly.

Social Listening

The only way to know if your content or campaign is working is to monitor. For effective monitoring, you need to know what to listen for. There are approximately 6,000 tweets sent in the twitter world every second, so understanding the language around an issue will make it quicker and easier to find the relevant ones.

Using social media listening tools helps you understand what is being said about your business, your brand, and popular topics within your industry. You can even listen in on what your competitors are saying, how they are engaging with their followers, who their followers are, and how their followers are responding to their content.


Now that you’re listening and monitoring your conversations, don’t forget the most important part of social media — engagement. Social media is a powerful communications tool, which has revolutionized the way business and brands reach their customers / stakeholders. Actually engaging with your followers or audience goes towards boosting your brand and reputation in the social sphere.

Analytics and Reporting

Arguably, the most important part of any social media plan is the analytics and reporting.. The only way to show value in your social media plan or campaign, is to demonstrate its ROI. If your social media goal is to drive traffic to your website, keep track of these numbers using Google Analytics. One tip would be to try and track everything as much as possible, based on what your ROI would look like. Report on what social users like and don’t like. Keeping track of sentiment around your business or brand is key to improvement and learning what does and doesn’t work in your own campaigns. Generating reports periodically will help you evaluate your social strategy on an ongoing basis, and guide you to tweaking it so you can achieve your social goals.

Written By Tiffany Lau

Posted On July 13, 2017

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