Peak Communicators
January 14, 2020

Tien Sher

Client Objective

Prior to the demolition of the derelict buildings that remained on the site of Whalley’s Flamingo block, developer Tien Sher wanted to celebrate the next phase of redevelopment. The plan was to hold a neighborhood farewell party, raising widespread brand awareness of the three towers coming to the site and encourage area residents and potential buyers to attend.

The Campaign

In the Tien Sher brainstorm session, Peak suggested a barbeque ‘Flamingo Farewell’ block party where area residents, politicians and key stakeholders would gather, share memories and Mayor Doug McCallum would do a ceremonial first claw of demolition. Media would be on hand to circulate the story widely.

Key Results

Over 500 people attended the celebration. The speeches were emotional. Peak’s event producer Ross Sullivan envisioned a ‘big bang’ and fireworks to accentuate the demolition moment. The resulting ceremonial hit caught everyone by surprise and was a highlight of every evening newscast. Extensive media coverage was secured throughout Metro Vancouver and B.C. Key media outlets included; Global BC, CTV, CBC, CITY-TV, OMNI-TV, CBC Radio, News1130

July 29, 2015

Tien Sher Balance Micro-Suites

Client Objective

Prior to the sale of Canada’s smallest condominiums—Balance micro-suites—developer, Tien Sher, wanted to raise wide-spread brand awareness and encourage potential buyers to attend the opening of the sales centre.

The Campaign

Tien Sher worked closely with the Peak team to boost print, online, TV and radio media attendance at the initial opening of the sales centre, by pitching the Balance micro-suites as “Canada’s smallest ever condos,” measuring 305 square feet or smaller.

The Results

The campaign saw many media outlets attend the sales centre opening, to shoot live footage and interview key spokespeople from Tien Sher. Extensive media coverage was secured throughout metro Vancouver and wider Canada, including print, online, television and radio media hits, with a total circulation rate of over 20,000,000. Key media outlets included; Global BC, The Province, Vancouver Sun, CTV, The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette.

July 27, 2015

Luxury Auction House

The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House specializes in auctioning luxury real estate in Canada. The company’s purpose is to provide a method for buying and selling high end real estate that serves buyers and sellers in a more efficient and streamlined way.

Client objective

The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House wanted to publicize its upcoming BC Cancer Foundation charity auction house: Madrona Grove.

Donated by Robert and Diane Conconi, Madrona Grove was a luxury oceanfront home on Pender Island, B.C. which was donated as a token of gratitude for the care Robert Conconi received while undergoing cancer treatment at the BC Cancer Agency.

The client sought publicity to increase registered bidders for the home’s auction.


The campaign program was two-fold:

  • Leverage Robert and Diane’s story for media exposure
  • Coordinate a media fam which saw key outlets fly out to Pender Island to experience the house for themselves

Key results

The media fam was a success, filling the seaplane with six key media targets and generating enough quality media exposure to generate over 2,024 hits to their website the day after the tour; the highest website traffic the client has ever seen on one day.

Overall, the media coverage resulted in:

  • A total of 49 media mentions on print, online, TV and radio
  • A total of 17.5 million impressions
  • 43 unique bidder leads directly referred through media exposure (or, an additional 28 per cent) for the auction

Madrona Grove sold for $725,000.

July 27, 2015

Evolve Condominiums

Evolve is the second of six towers to be built in West Village, WestStone Group’s master-planned community in Surrey City Centre. West Village is the largest piece of connected development land in Surrey City Centre. Over the next seven years, there will be 2,800 homes built in this community—connecting all residents to the core of Surrey City Centre, offering easy access to transit, grocery stores, education institutions, a large shopping mall and a diverse mix of culture, arts, recreational facilities and parkland. The expected occupancy date for the 35-storey concrete tower Evolve is 2018.

Client objective

Working with the WestStone Group and their marketing firm Platinum Project Marketing, the goal was to build waves of publicity around Evolve leading up to the sales launch in April 2015. To sell 406 condominiums in a flat market would take excellent quality design and construction, great prices and lots of marketing noise on line and in traditional media.


Three parts:

News Conference January 20, 2015 – Peak hosted and orchestrated a news conference to unveil “In-Real-Dimension,” an augmented reality technology which gives home shoppers a multi-dimensional viewing experience of the new building and floor plan layouts in the sales centre. Evolve, by the WestStone Group, is a 35-storey concrete tower with 406 homes in Surrey. TV news stories showed Surrey mayor Linda Hepner manipulating a ‘virtual’ model of the high rise in the palm of her hand, demonstrating how it enhances the home buying experience. Most media coverage highlighted the great prices, starting at $93,900.

Financial Incentives – March 17, 2015 – In advance of the sales launch we went to real estate and business media with the announcement that WestStone, Platinum Project Marketing and their lenders announced a promotion to the first 200 purchasers of a luxury condo at Evolve in Surrey: own for as little as one dollar per day. The first year’s mortgage starts at the price of a dollar a day.

Launch Day – April 11, 2015 – Hundreds of buyers lined-up for hours at the Evolve sales centre, with the hopes of buying a low-priced home in Surrey’s newest concrete condo tower. TV news and print stories captured the line-up and excited buyers who were in a frenzy to buy once the doors opened. There were 48 deal writers and a marketing staff of 100 on site. The news media were on hand to document the 350 sales that happened that opening weekend.

Key results

The WestStone Group and Platinum Project Marketing needed to sell hundreds of homes quickly and they did. Peak and Platinum worked together to devise media messaging and opportunities. We secured dozens of online articles and traditional media hits in each phase of the campaign. In the process, Evolve stood out among the most renowned of the new projects in Surrey’s Central City neighborhood in 2015 and the WestStone Group continues to be regarded as an industry leader.

July 8, 2015

Micro-Lofts by Reliance Properties

Vancouver developer Reliance Properties approached Peak to help promote ‘micro-lofts’ in the Downtown Eastside. The apartments were the smallest rental units in Canada at the time. Space-saving design principles from Europe and Asia were a major influence in creating the ‘micro-loft’ design.

The construction company took 25 per cent off the cost of construction, which represented a $1 million saving making the venture possible. The City of Vancouver agreed to allow the conversion from single-room occupancy zoning to market rental. The heritage density credit was then transferred to a planned development at Burrard and Drake.

the campaign

The campaign began in 2010 with a news conference announcing the conversion of the Burns Block hotel into rental ‘micro-lofts.’ The campaign wrapped up in 2011 with another news conference and media tour of the completed lofts – tenants were on hand to show off their accommodations. Throughout the campaign interest from potential renters greatly exceeded the number of suites available.

the key results

The campaign achieved international coverage and attention. New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg pointed to the project as an example of an innovative approach to real estate. Reliance was invited to New York to demonstrate the success of the micro model. The city subsequently implemented a major micro-loft design initiative.
The two news announcements combined for some 170 media hits, including:

  • Front page of the National Post
  • Front page of the Globe and Mail
  • USA Today
  • Yahoo Canada
  • MSN
  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek
  • Huffington Post
  • Vancouver Sun
  • CBC
  • Global TV
  • CTV