Peak Communicators
July 29, 2015

SAGA Sciences


A leading dietary supplement development company, SAGA Sciences researches, creates and develops the world’s most potent and effective sports supplements. SAGA Sciences is the umbrella company for two major sport supplements brands, SD Pharmaceuticals and PharmaFreak, both of which have international distribution.  

Client Objective

Peak has been working with SAGA Sciences since 2012 to raise brand awareness among its target audience in Canada.


Peak created and executed a national media relations and digital campaign.

The tactics used included the following:

  • Proactive media relations activity, including drafting and placing thought leadership articles
  • An awards program to identify opportunities and compile entries
  • A target blogger ambassador program that gave bloggers the opportunity to experience the products first-hand
  • A content program to create engaging content for the brand’s followers

Key Results

In 2013 alone, the campaign achieved the following:

  • 153 pieces of media coverage, an increase of 665 per cent from the previous year
  • 32 bloggers conduct product reviews and engaged in social chatter about the brand
  • Engagement increased and continues to increase among the client’s target audience base