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How Does Public Relations Fit into the New Media Reality?

Out with the old, in with the new Looking back on nearly two decades of public relations work following a 30-year career as a news reporter provides an opportunity to reflect on how PR and Read More >

It’s Peak’s Lucky Number 13!

Today is our 13 year anniversary at Peak Communicators! Yesterday night, we hosted a wonderful celebration of our 13-year milestone and celebrated with clients – past, present and potential – as well as our media friends. Stories Read More >


An Insight into 2016 Marketing Predictions

This year’s BCAMA annual marketing agency panel did not disappoint. Expert speakers from top agencies provided a strong sense of what’s to come this year and created a healthy debate around what’s really going to Read More >


30 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016

Social media is central to many of our campaigns at Peak. We consume news about the impact these channels have and apply our learnings to client projects. If you’re still struggling to get buy-in on Read More >


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the (Branding + PR) Year!

Remember this? The lights, the decorations and the Christmas music are in full swing anywhere you go in the city these days. From big shopping extravanganzas to ‘stuff-a-bus’ campaigns to tree lighting ceremonies to the Read More >


Media + PR tips and tricks from Canada’s “First Lady”

A recent CTV interview with Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau filmed days before the Canadian federal election, reveals much about the woman who stands “shoulder to shoulder” with the newly sworn in Prime Minister. The interview was not Read More >


Openness, Honesty and the Need for a Good Crisis Communications Plan: Volkswagen Scandal

It is hard to fathom that the world’s largest and most successful car manufacturer got caught red handed fudging its fuel economy certification information by altering software and hardware on 11 million diesel equipped cars. Read More >


Social Media ‘Need to Know’ this Fall

Social media is still a relatively new phenomenon and the features are constantly being updated. PR professionals should consider how these changes impact or enhance their campaigns. Below is a round-up of recent ‘need to Read More >

How to Write an Engaging Article in 7 steps

Communicating well in writing is one of the most important skills you can have, whether your job formally involves writing or not. At Peak we’re constantly striving to create engaging content for our clients: blog Read More >

Clients in the Media: Great River Fishing

Nine year old Kegan Rothman caught an estimated 600 pound Great White Sturgeon on the Fraser River near Chilliwack on a fishing charter with Great River Fishing Adventures.