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Meet The Team

Sarah Carey
Account Coordinator


Social media

Sector experience

Hospitality, tourism, real estate industry and First Nations

Career background

2 years PR agency experience in Northern Ireland


Bachelors in Marketing Management, Masters in Mass Communication Management

Furthest flung city you’ve lived in?

Having grown up and lived in Ireland for over 20 years, Vancouver is the furthest place I have lived.

Favourite part of Peak life

Happy Hour, as I acquire product knowledge of Canadian beer

Career highlight

Starting at Peak, of course

Favourite BC pastime

Bike rides along the seawall

Favourite social media site

Instagram. I love how visual it is. A picture really is worth a thousand words.


Cúpla focail as Gaeilge! (A couple of Irish words!)

Random fact

Predicting whether my siblings are expecting a boy or a girl! I’ve guessed 9 right so far, and with a 10th on the way, my sixth sense is telling me it’s a boy. Watch this space…